The Tucson Weekly wrote something about Curly Wolf Kombucha

Today I'm feeling honored as hell to have been interviewed by the Tucson Weekly

The badass writer & person extraordinaire Heather Hoch, my dog Rudolf and I met at Cafe Passe (415 N. 4th Ave) earlier this week. It was a cold-ass day, fresh from the storm that passed through on Sunday night. Perfect kind of day for a cup of coffee by Hermosa Coffee Roasters that Passe now uses as their primary coffee. 

We went straight to business! What I thought would be a serious & formal "interview," kinda like the ones you see of POTUS and George Stephanopoulos on YouTube, was simply me rambling on about what makes me tick everyday. To say I was on cloud-nine is an understatement!

Read the full article here.

 Photo Cred:  Heather Hoch

Photo Cred: Heather Hoch